Thursday, March 8, 2012

Style Arc - Abby Cardi

This is the 2nd version of the Abby Cardi. The first one was the plain black size 14 straight from the pattern, and this one has some minor changes made to it.

I have narrowed the shoulders by 1/4"

Shortened overall length by 1 inch.

Made a new sleeve piece - using the cap as original, making the length in between the short sleeve and the long sleeve, and making it narrower by 2cm.

This makes the sleeve, VERY snug. I was lucky that this fabric was very very stretchy, otherwise it might have been too tight. So next time I might not make it quite so narrow.

I was able to use the Coverpro to do the hems again - loved doing this, I am so glad to start using the machine, it was beginning to feel like the white elephant in the sewing room that was never touched.

I did use Stitch Witchery Lite to stabilize before Coverstitching. Not bad stuff, but I think I prefer Steam A Seam Lite though.

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