Friday, March 9, 2012

First international Fabric Purchase

Well I succumbed to the $3.99 a yard Uptown Raw Silk from and placed my first order of fabric from across the world :)

I have no idea how to sew with Raw Silk, but at that price I am willing to give it a try.

My thoughts, now that I have received my lovely box of goodies are this:

1. 100% polyester Ponte knit - hmmm, what was I thinking - it feels and looks dreadful. It was meant for a pair of Style Arc Elle Pants, not so sure now, I think I will make my test pair out of it - really hardly stretches at all, so might be a problem.

2. Shipping time - not so bad, although it did take them 7 days to post the parcel as one of the lovely silks was out of stock - shame as it was the one I really wanted.

3. I ordered some Bemberg Lining that I have heard so much about, and I think I know why - it looks and feels beautiful, cant wait to try it.

4. The postage for 5 pieces was $25US to Australia.

5. Overall,  I am happy, but I think I am more of a touchy feely person, and its not the same as wandering around Pitt Trading at Ramsgate, oohing and aahing over everything :)


  1. Lucky you! If I had a Pitts Trading nearby I probably would never buy on-line. However country town - a large one but with no great independent fabric stores I buy on-line when needed.

  2. I think you probably get a better idea of what you are buying if you buy online regularly as well Sue. Now that i have re-looked at the Ponte listing on, it clearly states its 100% poly..I just saw Ponte knit, and thought, nice...didnt read it my fault.

    I am not close to Pitt, but close enough to go once or twice a year and stock up, it is such a beautiful shop.

  3. Hi Nat!
    Thank you for the compliment on my new Style Arc pants! I see you are a fan of SA also. I really had to put in my 2 cents about your Ponte fabric disappointment. I love, love, love Ponte. It's pretty common in RTW these days, and I seen quality all over the map, both in RTW and in fabrics. My favorite Ponte purchases have been online from US stores/websites. Emma One Sock - I have picked up several here that are beautiful quality. I hope to use a navy piece for another Sailor Sue pant this weekend. Marci Tilton Fabrics - The Ponte I've purchased from her site is nice also. It's a bit thinner than EOS's, but a nice hand and drape. I like the Ponte with rayon/poly/Lycra.
    I thought I'd mention also that the $25 for shipping your fabric, while high, is not as bad as I would have thought. Buying Style Arc Patterns from Australia - the shipping is high to the US, but I love them. :-).

  4. Hi Andrea, its funny you mention EOS, as I was reading GoodbyeValentinos post the other day and she also bought some nice material from EOS,...and what do you know, some just "jumped" into my shopping cart :) I am waiting for them to arrive now :)

  5. Sounds like you are building quite a bit of experience in ordering from overseas! :-)

    I'm going crazy with the (relatively) new opening of The Fabric Store here in Brisbane. I used to be limited to what I could fit in my suitcase when I went on a trip to Sydney, but now, the sky's the limit! (Well, maybe the budget is the limit, but who's counting?)